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Effortlessly share your profile with a single tap.

Share Your Resume

Streamline networking by sharing your resume with a single tap.

Stay Organized

Simplify your networking with eziLINQ - no app downloads required.


Seamlessly Connect

Effortlessly share your profile portfolio with iOS and Android compatibility.

Stay Digitalized

Embrace the future of networking - ditch traditional business cards forever.

Elevate Your Networking Game

Experience the convenience of eziLINQ NFC Cards - share your profile digitally.

Tap our eziLINQ digital business card.

We turn every handshake into a meaningful connection.

You never have a second chance to make a first impressions

Ready to make a great one? eziLINQ makes it easy to share profiles containing links, payments link, vcard, social media links, contact information, portfolio , company profiles and more — straight to someone's phone or inbox. They don't need any app.

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Maximize Your Networking Potential with eziLINQ's Digital Business Card Solution


Choose the Perfect eziLINQ Product

Select the ideal eziLINQ Product from our diverse range, designed to cater to your on-the-go lifestyle and ensure you're always prepared for networking opportunities.


Build and Personalize Your Profile

Take control of your professional identity by creating and customizing your profile. Once your eziLINQ Product arrives, effortlessly activate it and link it to your profile to make it ready for sharing.


Share Your Profile with Ease

With eziLINQ, sharing your profile becomes a breeze. Simply scan your eziLINQ Product to instantly share your contact details and professional information.

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Digital Business Card

eziLINQ One tap, endless possibilities.

Never type contact info into your phone again. Make your mark when you network with the eziLINQ digital business card. One simple tap to instantly share all your business and contact information and more. No app required.

  • 100% Digital
  • Just 1 Card For Life time
  • Update Info Any Time
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Stunning Features

Personalized Link

Create your custom link to stand out.

Instant Connect

Connect with clients in seconds, making networking efficient.

Lead Exchange

Exchange leads' contacts effortlessly to boost your network.

Share Contacts

Share your contacts across all media platforms with ease.

Add to Contacts

Add your contact details directly to your clients' mobile devices.

Social Media Hub

Centralize all your social media profiles in one place for easy access.

Website Integration

Include website links for a seamless online presence.

Payment Links

Easily share payment links for secure and convenient transactions.

And More Features

Discover more features tailored to your networking needs. by exploring eziLINQ

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eziLINQ is a cutting-edge digital business card solution provider. We cater to clients worldwide, offering innovative designs and development services. Our clientele includes some of the most visionary companies globally.


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Get Inspired by Digital Business Cards. Connect with Innovation.

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eziLINQ: The Ultimate Digital Business Card Solution

Unlock the potential of digital networking with eziLINQ, Elevate your networking experience with cutting-edge features.

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